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Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater has been serving our area for over 15 years with the concept of providing good service at an affordable price. We are an alternative to the traditional funeral home because we provide only what your wishes are, from the most basic cremation to overseeing a burial at a graveside or church. Our simple approach allows for more affordability and our experience allows us to provide the best care.

“During our family’s time of darkness, Eric was a beam of light that illuminated a path of hope. Highly recommend.”

Tracy G.

“When my grandmother died in April my family used Cremation & Funeral Services of Tidewater to handle her cremation service. The experience could not have been more personal and professional.”

Pablo S.

“Eric Stewart handled my family members cremation. He was a pleasure to deal with during this difficult time for me and my family. “

Kaitlyn S.

“Very efficient services and wonderful staff. Friendly and caring in your time of need.”

Amy K.

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Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) has been a popular cremation service option for families. Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) understands why people are making such large preferences for cremations these days, one of the main reasons is that people are more open to alternatives, they like that they have more remembrance options with cremation and the overall price of traditional burial funeral service is usually more expensive. Though, we offer traditional burial and immediate services, memorial services and life celebrations are associated with our expertise.

The Cost of Funerals in Norfolk(VA)

For those that do not know, Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) will explain how a cremation and any service associated that the family chooses will cost. If there is no grave plot to be purchased, grounds to be prepared or a headstone then likely it will be more affordable than traditional services in the past. However, interment of ashes in a veteran’s cemetery, public cemeteries, or a church columbarium is something we offer to coordinate.

Cremation services in Norfolk(VA) will return the ashes to the family in an urn they have selected after the cremation has taken place.

Ecological Requests in Norfolk(VA)

Where people have been exposed to greener attitudes about recycling and reusing to help protect the environment, many people are turning to Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) to discuss ways that a natural funeral can be provided. The casket can be made of recycled wood or cardboard and this not only saves trees in a forest somewhere, but it also reduces the overall cost arranged by Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA). We also offer biodegradable urns that degrade in earth and water.

Scattering of Ashes

When you do collect the ashes, it’s up to you to keep, scatter or bury the cremated remains. Some people prefer to purchase an urn and keep the ashes on display in their home. Some inter their loved one in a niche or columbarium above ground in a church, veterans or public cemetery. Others prefer to scatter the ashes in one or multiple places as a means to allow the deceased to rest forever in places he or she loved. Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) often have a selection of urns that you can choose from, and they will deliver the remains to you in the urn selected.


Families Live Further Away

The laws suggest that a person needs to be interned within the shortest possible time that is reasonable. Cremation services in Norfolk(VA) will explain that this means between two and three days after the death of the person, before they are cremated. A death certificate will have to be filed and proper identification procedures have to take place.

As families have grown further apart, many friends and relations will find it difficult to travel at such short notice, with other people needing to arrive from abroad. Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) will explain that a memorial can be a fitting tribute to the deceased and this can be held any time after the cremation to suit all of the people involved.

While Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) can assist the family with a memorial after the cremation has already taken place, there is not the same urgency to complete a funeral service, which is good because it allows people to make their own time and prepare for a memorial service. We work with local funeral homes in Norfolk(VA) to provide life celebrations, churches or family homes to make this gathering happen.

Personal Tributes in Norfolk(VA)

Professionals can arrange for the funeral service to be held at your home, in a church, in the private chapel at the crematorium or in another location. Within all of these funerals, Norfolk(VA) cremation services can arrange for individuals to step forward and provide a personal recital telling, perhaps humorously, about the life of the deceased so that everyone can share, first in the grief and bereavement of having lost a loved one, but second, in coming together and providing each other with the support and aid after such a traumatic event.

Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) will explain all of the other options available within your budget, or the estate of the deceased, and will be able to help you decide what sensible amounts should be spent for the occasion while ensuring it exactly matches the personality and character of the person who has died. We offer custom slideshows, memorial folders, tent and/or chair rental and catering help if you choose to have a service or gathering.


It is perfectly acceptable for Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) to make arrangements for visitations of close friends and family before a cremation takes place. This provides the appropriate people with the opportunity to say one final farewell in complete privacy.

There is not a necessity to visit the deceased before they are cremated. Although this may be a traditional part of the process used with some families, traditions can change over the years and there is no necessity for this tradition to be carried on, we respect  their family’s wishes and requirements.

People asking for Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) will always have a lot of questions and the professionals will probably raise a number of issues that will require answering. You can rest assured that you will gain the best professional help from us.


We are the best choice near you. Cremation and Funeral Services of Tidewater in Norfolk(VA) can assist you and your family through the arrangement process.  With a wide selection of urns and memorials, assistance with submitting the obituary, ordering  floral arrangements, and scheduling a service at the national or veterans cemetery, our cremation service can help ease the burden of the final arrangements.  




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