Casey Cagle

August 29, 2001 - December 6, 2020

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Casey Cagle, 19, passed away on December 6, 2020.  His services will be held at a later date.

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James T
1 year ago

I knew you in a way not many people had the chance to. Not that you really wanted them to haha. For the longest time I couldn’t accept you were really gone hoping and praying this would be another one of your schemes but its been two years now and I’m just now really processing it. We had our disagreements at times but no matter what you were one of the few that stood beside me. It cuts deep knowing we’ll never get to have another drink or another laugh or another argument. You were a brother and my closest… Read more »

1 year ago

We may have drifted apart, but the times spent online were on a level. R.I.P. miss ya big man

Logan Snyder
1 year ago

Casey you were a true friend, I’ve only known you for a little while online buts in been real Casey. They are going to have all the mma streams you can watch man :’)

Kristine abuel
3 years ago

Casey, my one true love, whenever I think of him I just start thinking of what was his last thoughts and how scared and terrified he was. I always remember everything about him… He’d Always say sweet words and so much thing, he wanted to do with me and for his family… It breaks my heart so much every day to think that Casey’s gone and we will never see him. Casey never attempted to hurt anyone, whenever people are gonna look at him or talk to him he wants them to look at him as a nice man and… Read more »

Shannon Nixon
3 years ago

My son, Casey, was the light of my life as well as his little sister, whom he adored and strived to make those he cared about proud of him. Casey was the kindest, most giving, and spectacular soul. He was very happy and very much in love. His untimely demise leaving those whose lives he touched with his compassion, his loyalty, and unfaltering love have suffered greatly from losing the light of God’s love that shined ever so brightly through him. As he was a reflection of true love, strength, and forgiveness. My son, his step father, his sister, grandparents,… Read more »

Linda S Johnson
3 years ago

Mary and Family….it has broken my heart to hear of Casey’s passing. He was one of my special students years ago with whom I enjoyed visiting. He was intelligent, well-spoken, and cute as a button. We lost touch as he continued his education, but I often thought of him and was hoping he was moving on, getting an education, working, or doing other things in life that young kids do. Please know that he will always be in my heart with fond memories.

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