Cecile Morissette

August 10, 1933 - August 25, 2023

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On Friday, August 25th at 8:10 pm, Cecile Mary Morissette passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her family. She leaves behind her husband of almost 72 years, George, along with their 5 children: Joseph (Terry), Diane (Bob), Cheryl, Gregory (Teresa), and Rebecca.

Cecile’s legacy includes 11 grandchildren – Paul, Jennifer, Matthew, Jennifer (Ryan), James (Rachel), Cynthia, Stephanie (Trapper), Danielle (Brent), Andrew, Olivia, and Benjamin; 8 great-grandchildren – Courtney (CJ), Alexxis, Jacob, Morgan, Elena, Matthew, Lily, and Jack and 2 great-great-grandchildren, Emberleigh (3 years) and Paxton (3 months).

Cecile was born August 10, 1933 in South Royalton, Vermont to Howard and Irene Poupart. She was predeceased by her 3 siblings: Beverly and Gary who died in infancy, and Richard who died three years ago, but who was remembered fondly through his children – Cecile’s nieces and nephews.

Growing up, Cecile’s family moved to Barre Street in Montpelier, Vermont. Even though she had to repeat first grade due to shyness, she enjoyed learning and graduated with honors from Montpelier High School in 1952.

When Cecile was 16, she was fatefully seated for a movie by a cute usher named George at the Capitol Theatre on State Street. Many movie seatings later, he got up the courage to ask if he could walk her home and their love story began. When they got to her house, they made snow angels on the sidewalk before saying goodnight. Married at 18, George had joined the Navy and Cecile began a career as a Navy wife and mother.

Having 3 children by the time they were 20 and living far from family in Corpus Christi, Texas, they found creative ways to make ends meet. Sometimes this meant one of them going to the base movie theater for the early showing of a movie while the other stayed home to watch the kids and then switching so that the other could see the later showing of the same movie.

Cecile handled everything from birthdays to broken bones by herself when George was at sea. Their 4th and 5th children were born 5 and 10 years later in Virginia, the only other state they ever lived in despite a 20-year military career. Despite the age gaps, all 5 of their children attended Kellam High School in Virginia Beach.

After working various retail positions, including the commissary at Fort Story, Cecile started a distinguished 28-year career as an Accounting Technician at NAS Oceana in May 1966. The family had moved from Aragona Village to the house they still occupy on Club House Road in Virginia Beach the year before. Over the years, this house on the 15th fairway of Bow Creek Golf Course became their castle. Cecile loved sitting on the back patio watching golfers pass by.

In the 80’s, George and Cecile moved her parents from Connecticut to Virginia Beach to live with them until Howard’s death in 1988 and Irene’s death in 2001. They firmly believed and modeled that family always takes care of family no matter what. Cecile retired from Oceana in 1995 to care for her mother full time. With the same dedication she had to her children, she was an excellent and selfless caregiver.

Throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s George and Cecile enjoyed many adventures, including a trip to Costa Rica and Panama, several trips to Florida, a trip to Kansas City and annual visits to Vermont to visit family. They also endured the hardships of losing 2 grandsons and a son-in-law.

Cecile’s mobility started to decline around 2017 and dementia started its insidious charge around 2020. The bright spot to her mental decline was her wicked sense of humor which was no longer held back. She kept us in stitches with her one-liners and her very favorite phrase “Oh, Bull@#!$” any time one of us said something outrageous to get a rise out of her. We loved, laughed, and cried with this beautiful woman all of our lives. Most recently, we gathered to celebrate hers and George’s 90th birthdays.

Cecile was lovingly cared for by George, Cheryl, and Jenny as her home care needs increased. Cecile’s face would light up whenever she saw George and he was her constant companion encouraging her to eat, drink, and exercise (something she didn’t enjoy) to keep her strength up.

Her journey reunites her with family that departed this world before her including her parents, Brother Richard, Grandsons Paul and Matthew, Grandson-in-law Clint, Son-in-law Gary, Brothers-in-law Romeo, Armand, and Jimmy and Sisters-in-law Annette, Rita Morissette, and Bertha.

In lieu of a service, friends are welcome to call or stop by to see George and share sweet memories of Cecile.

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Diane Atterson
5 months ago

I miss you so much mom! I feel empty inside without you. It’s hard knowing that I can’t talk to you in person anymore. Now you are with Paul and Matthew and I know they are happy to see you. Love you forever!

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